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The Good Neighbors EMS Story…

Good Neighbors EMS started as an idea when Dr. Mark Moe, a local internal medicine physician and the current medical director for Morrison County Emergency Medical Services, noticed EMS organizations in Central Minnesota did not have access to the equipment and supplies they needed. While interacting with first response teams, fire and rescue, local police and sheriff’s offices it was apparent to Dr. Moe that funds were scarce. Equipment is in short supply and can be expensive.

Good Neighbors EMS is committed to fulfilling this need by:

  • Securing resources through donations, fundraisers, and other charitable activities.
  • Identifying the needs of EMS organizations, including first response teams and fire and rescue departments.
  • Locating and distributing supplies, equipment, and other life-saving items.

Good Neighbors EMS is a group of caring professionals who know the importance of having the right tools for the job. First responders are volunteers working to save lives, sometimes at their own peril. These first responders might be your neighbors, which is why we chose the name “Good Neighbors.” We want to help our neighbors as good neighbors should.

We are all vulnerable to injury and illness, and the actions of first responders can be a factor in our survival. When minutes count, our first responders need the right tools to succeed.

We have received our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. We hope to give all EMS professionals in Central Minnesota and beyond access to the supplies they request with your help. Your donation will help save lives!

Our goal is to give EMS professionals access to the supplies and equipment they need! Your donation will help SAVE LIVES!

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